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How Herbs and Spices Fight Disease

How Herbs and Spices Fight Disease From cinnamon to cumin, see why you might want to spice up your life. The following spices are key to helping fight disease. Turmeric – 7 key benefits   Turmeric Contains Bio-active Compounds With Powerful Medicinal Properties Natural Anti-Inflammatory Compound Dramatically Increases The Antioxidant Capacity of The Body Leads to […]

Spice Advice – Storing

Storage of Spices Spices and herbs will lose their color, taste and aroma over time. To preserve peak flavor and color, store spices and herbs in a cool (consider storing them in the freezer), dry place, away from exposure to bright light, heat, moisture or oxygen. If possible, avoid storing spices and herbs too close to […]

Mind Your Manners

Styles of eating differ between Hindus and Muslims.  Hindus usually take their meals individually, a feature that may have developed as a result of rules regulating eating practices across castes.  The Muslim stress on brotherhood spilled into custom as communal eating is the norm.  A dastur khan, a form of tablecloth, is spread on the […]

Street Food Glossary

Aloo Tikki: mashed potato patties Bhaji: vegetables such as eggplant, potato, okra or peas that are steamed then mashed and sauteed in ghee Bhelpuri: a dry mix of potatoes, chickpeas, nuts and tamarind chutney eaten with a puri Chaat: snack food Chapatti: also called roti, unleavened bread cooked on a tawa Chole: spiced chickpeas Dhahi: […]